About the Turners


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Artist Monica Turner is a Florida native and lifelong resident of the heartland area of the south central section of the state.  Talent was passed down to her from her grandmother and mother, who both dabbled in pencil and oils, but never pursued it.


At age 18 months Monica began her art journey by drawing upside down faces with a pen on her reading books.  As her love for animals and nature grew, so did her piles of sketches of horses, dogs, pigs, cows, deer, and more.  Monica’s raw talent was encouraged by family and friends who would pay her to paint for them.  Little wooden sculptures, crafts, and once a mural on a bathtub.



4-H was a big part of Monica’s childhood and she was assigned the job of drawing banners and posters for many 4-H events: banquets, parades, fair exhibits, etc.  She was featured in the local papers several times for her art contributions to 4-H.  It was through 4-H Monica got her first commissioned job painting clay flower pots for a local florist.


Being home-schooled gave Monica the freedom to follow her creativity where it led.  She was able to develop her own styles, techniques, and favorite subjects (animals of every kind).  She possesses a God-given talent and has received no formal training, but instead depends on a lifetime of practice and learning techniques as the need arises.  During her high school years the topic of art school came up.  After consulting with an accomplished artist, it was decided that since she had already learned many of the basics and had chosen her favorite mediums, she would continue doing custom jobs, mainly focusing on painting cowheads and various wooden sculptures.


Eventually Monica ventured into “Mural Art”.  Many people and businesses in the Highlands County area have her murals gracing their walls.  She was commissioned by the Lake Placid Mural society to paint two large murals for the town.  The Toby the Clown Foundation is a frequent happy customer as well.


At age 18 Monica married her high school sweetheart.  They met at the fair when her show heifer calved and Crockett Turner saved the day by milking the “wild cow” to collect colostrum for the calf since the cow had to be sold.  It was Crockett who took her hog hunting for the first time.  That started an addiction which inspired her to paint about her new found passion. Soon wild hogs joined the list of her favorite art topics.


Hunting and fishing have always been a part of Monica’s life.  She and Crockett enjoy hunting alligator, deer, and hogs, and fishing both fresh and saltwater near their home.  They hope to add bear hunting to their list in the future.  They have four children who have been hunting with mom and dad since they were born.  Monica home schools all four which makes for a full schedule.


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When the first baby was born Monica realized she wanted to move her art home and focus on painting on paper instead of people’s walls.  She wondered what direction to go in the flooded art market.  After much thought and prayer she felt led in the direction of her passion of “Wild Game” art.  Her decision was confirmed by an acquaintance placing an order for a custom hog hunting painting.  This led to more orders by word of mouth. “Head Turner Art Studio by Monica Turner” was born.


Monica loves to paint working dogs, portraits of hunters and prey, cowboys, cattle, horses, Florida wildlife and fish, and all things that portray her Florida heritage. She also enjoys painting and drawing memorial pieces for dogs and horses that have passed from life. Giving this comfort to the owners is a meaningful part of her job.


Customers can now order custom woodburnings, pencil drawings, or acrylic paintings in several sizes. There are also several of her original paintings available for sale or as signed, numbered prints.